a tribute to the Chicago XI album

Chicago IX Tribute Poster CasBlanca



Chicago redefined the way we listen to Rock and Roll with their unique blend of Jazz, Pop and Blues.

Songs like Saturday in the Park, Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is and Only the Beginning broke down the barriers and created a space in Pop music for intelligent musical arrangements that put the Brass section front and center in the mix!

The "In Its Entirety" Concert Series pays tribute to this great American super group with its presentation of Chicago’s Greatest Hits performed live by the In Its Entirety Band and the legendary Lon Bronson Horn section. It's an amazing night of music that also features a pre-show set that includes a cross section of the best loved horn songs of all time from other great bands.

Check the schedule section to find out when and where to see this spectacular presentation or if you are a Talent Buyer and would like to book the show, fill out the form on this page.