a tribute to the Beach Boys Endless Summer Album


Kokomo Show Photo

No matter what the weather's like outside it's always sizzling when The In its Entirety Concert Series brings you the hottest concert of all time; A Tribute to The Beach Boys Endless Summer Album.

The iconic double album will be performed note for note, track to track from cover to cover by The In Its Entirety Beach Band aka Kokomo! See them perform this spectacular live tribute to a backdrop of Beach Balls, Surfboards and even a faux campfire!. You'll hear all the songs from the album that defined the Surfin' Era along with a sprinkling of other essential Beach Boys Classics!

Break out your Baggies, head down to your Woodie, drive down to the ocean and catch a curl with the In Its Entirety Concert Series presentation: In Its Entirety: A Tribute to The Beach Boys Endless Summer Album!